Founded from 2008, HMI Laboratory focuses its research on the fields to develop advanced interface and design methodologies for the cooperation between humans and machines.

Research groups

Currently, there are four main research groups taking different HMI perspectives in our Lab. These groups are with the joining of lab members, lab cooperatives as well as Ph.D, Master, and undergraduate students. Enthusiastic students are encouraged to take parts in conducting research and training programs which can result in the near future oriental expertise and working skills in both academic and industrial environments.

Doing research in HMI

Doing research in HMI (H for Humans, M for Machines, and I for InterfaceInteraction, Integration, and Intelligence) plays a key role for robots and machines to be used in the general public who have no knowledge of software and hardware, in particular bringing benefit to the elderly and disabled.


Basically, HUMANS and MACHINES cooperate through pairs of sensories such as auditory-sound, visual-geometric, and tactile-haptic. Human Machine Interface defines how humans manipulate with machine and how information exchanged between human and machine as well as among machines through standardization process developed and published by international and national organizations (e.g. ISO, ITU-T, …).


The levels of cooperation between HUMANS and MACHINES are in forms of Interaction, Integration, and Intelligence:

  • Interaction can be described as stimulus-response which implies the Machines are just wait and do what Humans order.
  • Integration implies partnership between the human and computer in which information is exchanged for physically WORKING together.
  • Intelligence implies partnership between the human and computer in which information is exchanged for THINKING together.

There is a continuum from Interaction to Integration then Intelligence. Doing research in HMI extends the level of human and machine cooperation from Interaction to Integration then Intelligence.




Le Thanh Ha, Ph.D
​Assoc. Prof. at University of Engineering and Technology, VNU
Head of HMI Lab
Email: ltha@vnu.edu.vn; lthavnu@gmail.com