Selected projects


No Project title Duration Sponsor
1 Automatic Vietnamese question-answer system for information query in Vietnam National University 2010-2012 VNU
2 Recognition and Analysis of user context from multi-source data for Ambient Intelligent systems 2012-2015 Nafosted
3 Coding and communication of multiview video plus depth for 3D Television Systems 2013-2016 Nafosted
4 The interaction of Accelerometer and Gyroscope in Micro-Gravity Condition 2013-2016 Jaxa-JP, STI-VAST, VNU-UET
5 Integration of WebGIS and multi-date and multi-resolution satellite image processing technologies for forest fire monitoring in Vietnam 2013-2014 VNU
6 Analytical methods of satellite image processing for air pollution estimation in Vietnam 2013-2014 Asia Research Center-VNU
7 Service oriented system for spell check and plagiarism detection 2014-2016  VNU
8 High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content (ANIAGE) 2016-2019 European Commission (Horizon 2020)
9 Multimedia application tools for intangible cultural heritage conservation 2016-2018 Ministry of Science and Technology
10 Image processing techniques for UAVs 2016 Tecapro Company
11 Vision-based Recognition using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Unmanned Systems 2017-2019 AFOSR
12 Virtual Reality Application in Intangible Cultural Preservation and Promotion 2017-2020 HMI
13 Royal printing woodblocks of Nguyen Dynasty: 3D reconstruction for digital preservation 2019 National Archives of