Source codes

These programs are made by our students under course projects. Readers finding them useful are free to download and use at your own risks.

No Application title Authors Download
1 Image search program (Stereo camera) Tien Tung, Manh Cuong Link
2 Voice & Gesture Recognition Cong Khanh, Xuan Lai, Quoc Anh Link
3 Book recognition application Van Phong, Quang Huy, Xuan Trong Link
4 Hand tracking (Intel Creative) Van Hoang, Huy Hoang, Thai Linh Link
5 Hand Gesture Recognition (Kinect) Phu Hieu, Phu Hong, Duc Kien Link
6 Checking attendance (People counting) Dai Thanh, Minh Trang Link
7 Gesture recognition (Kinect) Khac Phong, Anh Tuan Link
8 Argumented Reality (Qualcomm VR SDK) Huu Loc, Van Linh, Thac Du Link
9 3D reconstruction (Depth camera) Dang Thanh, Minh Dung Link
10 Depth adaptive document reader (Intel perceptual SDK) Huong Giang, Hoang Anh, Tuan Anh, Link
11 Back ground masking (Stereo camera) Tuan Anh, Trung Anh Link
12 Map navigator(Leap motion) Minh Son, Viet Ngoc Link
13 Technology survey (Ref: Google, …) for the application of Mobile Visual Search Thanh Son, Dinh Nguyen Link
14 Hand-written recognition for mouse scanner (LG scanner mouse) Duc Muoi, Hai Yen Link
15 Improve 3D image for better display on 3D screen viewer (AIPTEX, 3D screen) Anh Hung, Van Tao Link
16 Facial analysis Van Dai, Truong Thinh Link
17  Object recognition (Google glass) Dinh Minh, Tung Long, Nam Phong Link
18  Panorama image (Google glass) Anh Vu, Hoang Vuong, Huu Tung Link
19  A simple game for xBox360 (MS Kinect)  Hoang Hao, Xuan Tung, Ngoc Linh Link
20  Play piano with Leap Motion Thac Thong, Duy Thanh, Hoang Ha Link
21  Chrome Controller Extension for Leap Motion  Ngoc Son, The Huy, Duc Thinh Link
22  Document reader for blinds (LG mouse scanner)  Quang Hiep, Duc Huy, Tung Anh Link
23  PC controller using gestures (Intel creative) Tuan Anh, Nguyen Ngoc, Van Thien Link